Infomoby is an Africa 118 company which provides online marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. Our packages are made for small businesses - affordable, effective and result-oriented. We know businesses are looking for sales, and our campaigns are tailored for that - WE GUARANTEE RESULTS!

Here are some of the services we offer:

1. Web design (Digital Starter Pack)

The Infomoby DSP aims at creating a winning online presence for our clients. It includes a modern website, custom emails, content creation, photography and more tools to help your business grow online. We have created over 2000 websites for businesses in the region!

2. Digital Advertising (Booster Pack)

Digital Marketing can be a challenge to many businesses, because, truth be told: it can be expensive and tough to keep up with. At Infomoby, we offer all-inclusive management of online campaigns to help you achieve goals - with guaranteed results for your Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Email Campaigns and more.

3. Social Media Management

What are the best social networks for your business? How do you keep up with all the options? What content do you post? Our Social Media Management service covers all this. We create, distribute and manage content loops for your social pages.

4. Online Directories

We run the most accurate directories, personally collecting and verifying business information and ensuring that the information is up-to-date. Our directories power Safaricom, Airtel and Belcash directories, as well as Google Maps, HERE Maps and TOMTOM. The impact is two-fold: consumers find the businesses and services they are looking for, and listed businesses benefit from the 1,000,000+ website visits per month.

5. E-Commerce services

The world is changing and markets are going online. To help our clients keep up with the trends:

1) we develop fully-functional e-commerce websites and

2) help clients leverage existing platforms in the respective markets to sell at a maximum.

6. Online location management

Over 60% of online users search for local businesses online. For example, “restaurants near me”. We ensure our clients’ businesses are found when they search, by placing the businesses on Google Maps, Facebook Local, Infomoby and other directories, and other local search platforms.

Result: Increased shop visits!

7. Digital Skills Training

Over the years, we have trained over 200,000 small businesses and individuals on the skills to help them enjoy the benefits of the internet - through our partnerships with Google, Facebook and Microsoft. We even have awards to show for it!

8. Productivity Tools

In this digital age, all businesses can take advantage of technology to make their processes easier, more seamless and secure. This is why we have partnered with Microsoft to provision these endless possibilities to our clients.

9. Data Services

As earlier mentioned, we have, over the years, collected possibly the largest amount of data on businesses across Africa. We keep updating and enriching this data to make it as useful as possible to those who need it. Our database of global corporates who have engaged us for data projects speaks volumes!

10. Call Center Services

If you would like to reach masses of people; or certain individuals on phone, we have a fully kitted call center to handle this. Having done projects in over 10 languages already, we have what it takes to help you have the right one-on-one conversations


Are you looking for any of these services? We would love to hear from you.

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